The TranskeiGroup™ the (Official) @TranskeiGroup or THCBDI, Transkei Health Care, Biotech and Development Industries™. (Not for Profit)

@TranskeiCoop and #TranskeiPharmaceutical

Our HQ: In the Eastern Cape; birthplace of President Nelson Mandela.

Medical Cannabis ZA. the @TranskeiCo-op  & Pharmaceutical we operate in the Eastern Cape; the region previously known in South Africa as the Transkei.

In Xhosa the literal meaning is The lands North of the River Kei, a vast expanse of over 15 000 miles2 and some 1000's of previously disadvantaged persons.

(The Majority) of South Africans, these growers have been classifies as illegal and due to Apartheid were cut-off and out of SA economy this region is without national roads, mining and industry a safeguard and cruel strategy implemented by the Afrikaner to prevent any threat to the then government of South Africa.

This is not the place or time to look to the past currently our mandate is to realize the huge potential created due to Afrikaner fear, that is a region that is the best example of pre-industrial lands, with tropical and sub-tropical weather patterns.

The soil and water not affected by toxins from industry and or development.

The Transkei™ today refereed to as the 'Wild-Coast' is quite literally and to my knowledge the best region to produce outdoor and semi-outdoor, natural cannabis. Our estates speak for themselves.

We offer medical and luxury cannabis and oils subject to the Medical Council of Southern Africa.

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is non-profit and together with the SA Cannabis Exchange offer the global cannabis industry a number of lucrative options enabling us to address the current economic inequality and the unemployment of up to 70% in some regions.

The TranskeiGroup™ the (Official) @TranskeiGroup or THCBDI, Transkei Health Care, Biotech and Development Industries™. (Not for Profit) is an (Official) Durban Poison ZA™ Company. 

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