SACANEX® The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) has three main areas of activity.
The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) must enable free trade of all cannabis and related industries products and services. These services including assisted trade may at times assist either or both purchaser and seller without bias or favoritism.
The (Official) SA Cannabis Co-op.®  (Dagga Co-op.) This is our primary endeavor that is to enable members (shareholders) to own an equal share and voting stock in the exchange, Co-op. & Durban Poison Organization.  
The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange (Search Cannabis) & related universe. A unique micro-browser that enables you & I to search for anything and everything in the cannabis & related universe. 





it provides FREE cannabis and related industry commercial trading commerce and trading of products and services. Besides wholesale or large quantities we have incorporated our Dagga Cloud 'Web Services' Dagga Store Dagga Lists and Dagga Maps respectively. 

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SACANEX is the (Official) SA *Cannabis Exchange *Dagga Exchange' or DaggaX Provides the FREE trading of cannabis and related products & services Copyright ©SACEED 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment' & Development


The SA (Official) Cannabis Exchange. T/A the (Official) Dagga Exchange & Dagga Co-op. Membership is ownership. Members use their vote to elect managers & business professionals. No matter if you an individual grower or pharmaceutical group. After studying the similarities and the lessons from the competitive wine & brandy industries prior to 1918.

The SA Cannabis Exchange. T/A the (Official) Dagga Exchange incorporating the Dagga Co-op. Membership is ownership. The (Official) Dagga Co-op. based on the KWV Co-op. business model we believe affords individual growers & large pharma companies the fairest chance in an unfair world. What is my con or angle or ….? I am nice and want you to like me? Yes. But I was also an arrogant young prick then & by chance my entire world & paradigm changed. I listened to myself making a promise to my President. I stood in awe. I must work tirelessly to empower your business.

Taken from the lessons of BEE we progress to CEE the SA'CEE'D 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Dev.'  If it must be about pigmentation let it be green!

The poorest South Africans victims of toxic choppers by SADF during Apartheid was not the harmless dagga but starvation as week hungry people cannot defend themselves. Rural growers need the large pharma. groups to add value in turn earning more taxes & foreign currency. the Co-op. model offers us all the greatest economic empowerment on the micro & macro-nificent. The option of light.

the KWV Co-op. saved and within a few years small independent growers were millionaires. Their business model took the simple realization that most smaller grower/producers when competing for a market so small like Southern Africa with less than 0.0213% Less than half of one percent. of global consumption its a no-brain-er. Struggle for literally no-thing or overnight form the Co-operative enabling economies of scale, technology, seeds & global promotions and sales even if you are based in a rural town or village you just need to provide details of quality & quantity and the Dagga Co-op and exchange with soon be able to pay you up front for pre-orders. Sell in USD for 20 to 100 times more than you currently receive from local profiteers.

simply that competing locally was a fiasco. The market 0.021% of consumption only meant deadly competition & massive over production with profiteers using fear base tactics they played neighbour against neighbour the result growers panic selling & dumping wines & grapes! Welcome the dagga exchange & Co-op. The Dagga Co-op. does not compete whatsoever. Your equity owns famous brands like Durban Poison, but the Co-op. does not grow, cultivate or even produce pharmaceuticals whatsoever! Members can decide what they believe is their best strategy with business managers, seeds & machinery available for all. Global promotion, & sales members pay no fees or commissions. With 20 000 members overnight, you have the same influence as any fortune 500 company. However, membership equity is limited so be quick to secure yours. See: Price of Dagga another subsidiary of the Dagga Co-op

SACOMEX™ -The SA (Official) Cannabis Exchange 
Our Mission & Purpose: 

Simply put we do not compete with cultivate or produce cannabis, pharmaceutical products or commodities whatsoever. Our success is measured in your sustainable profitability. In essence we are owned and controlled by you our members & we endeavor to assist small business & start-ups as this is the core & engine of our NGO CEED 'Cannabis (Commodity) Economic Empowerment' for all South Africans. (You & I) pay no fees or commissions. That’s nada, zilch, mahala.

Joint us! 
CEED 'Cannabis (Commodity) Economic Empowerment' mandated by President Nelson Mandela and founded by the Transkei Group™ Transkei Poison™ the SA Cannabis Exchange™ Dagga Exchange, & Durban Poison (ZA)™ © Durban Poison Organization™ 


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SACANEX® The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange)  
  • SACANEX® Co-op. The (Official) SA Cannabis Co-op. (Co-operative)
  • SACANEX® The (Official) SA Cannabis Co-op. (Co-operative)


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